Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Why do we need to have a Website?

Having a website for your NGO makes your work gets noticed worldwide. People & Organizations shows interest in your activities if they learn about your projects. It builds trust in the minds of people. While requesting for Donations or applying for a Grant, a website is the ultimate tool to present your Organization’s work in most effective way. Also your NGO gains good reputation around the world.

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Your website says Free Website Design, but why should we pay money?

You only need to pay the Registration & Annual Maintenance Charges.

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What is Free? and how much worth is it?

Website Creation and Design is Free. An average website design cost ranges from Rs 10,000 to 30,000. So with our Grant you can save this expence.

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Why are you doing this work?

We wanted to do some work that could touch millions of people worldwide, as we are experts in Computers & Software, we got this idea of helping NGOs worldwide by creating websites in low cost.

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We already had a website but it got expired, can you activate it?

Please call us on 09845521836, we can help you.

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Are there any hidden costs involved?

No, you only pay the registration & annual maintenance charges only.

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Is it possible to register for multiple years?

YES. You can register a website name upto 10 years.

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How Many Days does it take for Website Creation?

Generally it takes One Week after you send the Content.

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How should we send the information for the website?

You can send all information by email to creator@webngo.org
If you could not send by email, then Copy all content in a CD and then send it to our office address by Registered post.

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